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              ABOUT NURDER 關于諾德

              Nurder Ceramics is a brand under FOSHAN NANHAI Yida CERAMICS Co.,Ltd., and it is located in Foshan, Guangdong. Our company has built several product lines imported the advanced technology, the products currently include porcelain tiles, full body marble tiles, royal marble, super crystal mable series,gold steel glaze and polishing brick, which owns rich color and complete specification, the decorative effect is fashion and elegant. Relying on our advanced equipments and technology, as well as the strict production and management, the quality indicators of each product are match the current national regulations and standards relating to building materials. All the products have high quality and reasonable price, so when have been approached on the market, the products are very popular to merchants.By the way, our products are exported to Thailand,Japan,Korea and other countries and regions.
              We are adhering to the business philosophy of"people-oriented,pragmatic spirit and integrity first" to the pursuit of zero defect product quality, and provide users with the best products as our responsibility, making efforts to provide customers with the best products pre-sale,sale services.

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